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TAXICAB VEHICLE LEASE AGREEMENT THIS AGREEMENT is made this day of , 20 , between AAA Cab Services, Inc. a corporation having its principal office at 4525 East University Drive, Phoenix, Arizona 85034
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On this channel we talk a lot about how to selland how to get those initial meeting, but in thisvideo I want to run through our exactsales and service agreement. The exactcontract, the legalese that we hand toour clients. Why each of those lines is inthere? And stick around for the end of thevideo because I will give you thiscontract as an editable document. Solet's jump into it.This is the exact contract we use toclose business. The point where thiscomes in in the sales process is they'veseen the price. They've seen the proposalor the bullet points or whatever we sentthem over, the examples, they talked to thereferences and this is right before thedeal is sealed.They have to sign this document for itto be officially closed.So here's the sales and service agreement.The sales and service agreement is datedthis 9th day.This took me about a thousand dollars bythe way. I had to hire a lawyer to writethis. So here's some free thousanddollars at least worth the value for you.There are few sections in this dock and I'lljust run through them one by one. One isthe Sale of Services where we list outwhat they're buying. Here we list out everyservice and we say that it could includea mix of any of the following. Sobasically what they're buying. And thenthe cost. The client agrees to pay forthe services for $14,000 amonth. Of this amount $10,000 will bemarketing, $4,000 will be passed throughrelated to remarketing, PPC that sort of thing.The reason this is in here is becausepeople need to know what you're sellingand what things are costing verystraightforwardly. This is whatcontracts are for. And then the next one isthe payment services. So payment methodwill be built on signing andautomatically billed 30 days after theprevious billing period.Payment shall be made via credit card usingthe card on file. This is in here becausewe use chargebee and stripe to collectpayments most of the time. And thisbasically says when they're gonna pay us.The point of a contract, a good contractwill spell out everything you guysalready talked about and do it in a waythat actually has it point by point. Thereason contracts existare if there's any problems with a client oryou have any problems with them you needto have some kind of structure. Some placewhere things are written down and agreedto so that you're not just relying onthings you said or things thatwere written in emails, puts it all inone spot. And then the other one is thedelivery of the services section whichoutlines exactly when we'll deliver.The company shall commence services on2/09. Company shall complete services by adate mutually agreed upon with 30 daysnotice. This agreement shall be effectiveon the date hereof and shall continue,unless terminated. And then we have theout clause, this is how we terminate theagreement. Either party may terminatewith 30 days written notice. Anytermination of this agreement...
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